Are you Living a Half Life?

I’m excited this morning — passionate; burning with the fire fueled by an integrating self; invigorated by choice and freedom; connected to all, one love, the Universe; deliciously enlivened by what the next moment brings.

An assignment in my depth psychology course has me looking for synchronicity and writing about it in my dream journal. Jung would say synchronicity is my unconscious or the collective unconscious bringing new connective information into my awareness. My 12-step program asked me to notice when Higher Power showed up daily. It grew my connection to the world outside myself. The way I feel the presence of loved ones who have transitioned from their earthly bodies is to hear the quiet, intuitive, guiding wisdom within in their voices. A Course in Miracles teaches that a miracle is simply a shift in perception. My ACIM lessons suggest I interpret the world slightly differently than my neural pathways would in the past, with compassion or a sense of oneness rather than separateness. It suggests I am a miracle-worker.

Synchronicity or coincidence? Message from loved ones on a different plane or unconscious being birthed into awareness? The unknown becoming seen.

… and all I ever wanted was to be authentically seen and unconditionally loved. 

Lesson 277 in ACIM says, “He is not bound except by his beliefs.” Simple.

The synchronicity of the lessons appearing in front of me today clear the muck and rest me in comfort.

To help bring a miracle in this moment, Tara Brach shared in her inspiring podcast, Winds of Homecoming: How Intention Frees our Hearts, a poem written by a man known for his work on death and dying. Coincidence that this morning this brings me closer to the loved ones I’ve lost? I think not.

We walk through half our life
as if it were a fever dream
barely touching the ground
our eyes half open
our heart half closed.

Not half knowing who we are
we watch the ghost of us drift
from room to room
through friends and lovers
never quite as real as advertised.

Not saying half we mean
or meaning half we say
we dream ourselves
from birth to birth
seeking some true self.

Until the fever breaks
and the heart can not abide
a moment longer
as the rest of us awakens,
summoned from the dream,
not half caring for anything but love.

“Half Life” by Stephen Levine, from Breaking the Drought: Visions of Grace. © Larson Publications, 2007.

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