Getting Ready to Jump

Dear 10-year old self,

Did you know that you can fly? You can soar, expand, breathe, dance, sing, smell bad, say stupid stuff, fail, fall, feel, succeed, be seen, love, let love in, be great, be amazing, be beautiful, be helpful without taking responsibility, choose life, forgive, shine brightly, release anger, let go of control, give, receive, eat, laugh, smile, grow, heal? Did you know?

You are free, dear one, to accept yourself, love yourself, value yourself, see your inner beauty, honor yourself, treat yourself kindly, be generous with yourself, find peace.

Do you remember when you weren’t afraid? Let’s go there now. I’m going to the top of a beautiful cliff where the panoramic views will blow your mind. I’m going to take a leap of faith into puffy clouds, blue skies, rainbow slides, and pots of gold. Do you want to come with me? Jumping might kill us, if we stay focused on what we think we know of the laws of nature. Not jumping might kill us if we believe in the laws of energy. There is a bird in us who wants to fly, needs to fly, has believed her whole life that flying is not a possibility. Flying is a possibility, in fact, it is a necessity. It is the answer. Not knowing what will happen is the most beautiful gift, the biggest reason for jumping.

Little one, I’m reminded of our father’s words in his last few days before crossing over, “let’s go, come on, let’s go!!!” He was so impatient for an exquisitely sweet experience in after life. I’m ready for it here in the Heaven on Earth. I’m fierce this time, sweet Angel, and I won’t give up. I won’t turn back in fear. Let’s go, come on. Let’s jump…

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