Easy as 1-2-3

The day before yesterday a friend told me about a workshop he participated in years ago. It was suggested in this workshop that there are three ages in our youth when we make important decisions about the way the world is and therefore how we will interact and respond to it. These choices set the foundation for our belief systems as adults. We need not continue to believe these ill-informed confused interpretations. We can change our minds. Regardless of my resistance to my friend’s message, in alignment with Source he wants happiness for me.

Another friend shared an observation of me yesterday that I found puzzling. It left me harboring a bit of ill will, a desire to detach and separate. She has known me longer and better than any other person in my life and she wants happiness for me. Today I get to see the Truth in her words and let go of my resistance to them.

As I read my Course lesson today, I know that the Universe often tells me three times in fairly rapid succession the things I need to hear. Lesson 123 asks me to be “grateful He has saved me from the self I thought I made to take the place of Him and His creation.”

I feel the triple wisdom and I’m grateful for the many attempts the Universe makes to wake me up. The first time I hear a new idea I might push it away. The second time I still may resist. By the third time, I start to listen as I recognize that when I tune in, God sends me guidance.

When focusing on today’s lesson, “I thank my Father for his gifts to me,” clarity comes. My Father, God, has created me of love, peace and light. So has my Father, Dad. If I’m really honest I can observe the resentment I have placed on both for allowing me to believe in a different interpretation of what and who I am. I get to apply further Course wisdom, forgiving myself for creating an alternate reality. I get to amend my choice to live by decisions about the world that I made a very long time ago when I had limited information and little knowledge. I get to see who I really am and what the world really is – what is real and what is illusion.

I am overjoyed this day for the opportunity to practice gratitude.


  1. I can echo the 1-2-3 idea. It’s happened to me. Several times I would think something like, “That’s fine for other people, but not for me.” Then I would realize belatedly that those people were right and think, “Oh! Why didn’t I listen sooner?” Now when I start hearing the same advice from several different people, I try to pay attention sooner.

    There was a story going around here when we had some lowland flooding some years back about a religious man waiting for God to help him. Here is one version of it. http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2012/01/the-parable-of-the-flood/

    It sounds like you are paying great heed.



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