Light and Joy and Peace

Lesson 112: Light and joy and peace abide in me. I am as God created me.

What is real today?

I am feeling sad. I wish to correct something. I wish to change the flow of a conversation that happened several days ago. I wish to show up as a different version of myself. I cannot change the past.

I feel afraid. Love cannot exist where there is fear. Light and joy and peace abide in me. The Course says fear is an ego-driven concept. God didn’t place it in me. I have created it in my experience of the world in which I exist. I am as God created me. For today, I will let go of anything that is not light and joy and peace in me, realizing it is not real, humbly thanking God for creating me of such beautiful things.

My ego wishes to change another person, to be a mirror that reflects back what I want this person to see. My will cannot control what God’s plan already has underway. Sweet Jesus, how every cell in my body wants to hold onto my will. There is nothing left that I need to say when I give it to God. Instead I focus on the things I can change, namely me.

Please God, take it from me. I begrudgingly turn it over to you today. As I do so, I notice light, joy and peace subtly morphing my feelings, filling the empty spaces in my heart with new colors, new sensations, ambient light, warmth, harmony, love. You are a miracle worker, I am as You created me.




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